Larry Holmes| Business Manager


Larry Holmes joined the team at Vision Interiors in 2015 to serve as the Business Manager of the Grand Rapids-based firm. In this position, Holmes oversees a variety of managerial responsibilities such as accounting, expediting, purchase orders, and bookkeeping.

Viewed as a dream job, Holmes’ favorite part of his role at the Grand Rapids firm is the working atmosphere and the people he interacts with on a daily basis.

Holmes lives in Grand Rapids and has an academic background in accounting and business management from Central Michigan University. Throughout his career Holmes spent several years also working as a carpenter and nearly 20 years in a business management role for Interiors by Debbie Holmes, an interior design company.

A sport enthusiast at heart, Holmes can often be found at the racket ball court two or three times a week, the tennis court, or on the golf course. He also enjoys woodworking and built his own kitchen.