For the Love of Ralph

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My love of Ralph runs deep.  Might it have started in the ‘80s when the cutest and subsequently most popular boy in my elementary school wore two polos at a time so that the popped collar had double the effect?  Mayhaps.  Might it have been my first trip into the flagship store on Michigan Avenue in the late ‘90s?  It certainly could have been – luxury never looked so good!  It could have been my designer Mother drilling into me the importance of wearing classic clothes and trying to avoid trends.  While my classmates were shopping at the GAP, my mom was hauling me into the local preppy cache for the latest in white blouses and tartan.  Whenever I first fell in love with the label I can assure you, my commitment has never wavered.

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“Whenever I first fell in love with the label I can assure you, my commitment has never wavered.”


I love fashion, sure.  However, my obsession is interior design. I showed up my freshman year in college with matching RL bedding for me and my soon to be roommate. Nobody has branded themselves and stayed relevant like Ralph Lauren. His style is effortless – classic and always chic.  The most precise yet laissez-faire collaboration of plaid and floral. Casual meets formal – come on with the Tux top and denim bottom.


Layers of sisal and wool – it’s mixing and matching genius.   If you ask me a question about mixing materials I’ll tell you my philosophy – do it often – but with purpose. There is a logic to Ralph’s fashion and décor that is as understated as it is plentiful – or is it logical?  Maybe it is just quintessential Ralph Lauren and undeniably splendid


 I am a classicist – always have been.  I am still wooed by the latest of everything fashion and design, but if your home and the better part of your wardrobe can be as stunning today as it was in the last decade then why?  Why would you do anything else but stay classic. 

There is a place for contemporary according to the legend – and it is the same as the traditional mantra.  Use contemporary design principals but keep them classic.  Use traditional design principals but keep them classic.  I should note here that Ralph and I haven’t actually met, so I am using my own design experience to translate what I believe his principles to be.  Needless to say, if a building you have designed in 1998 can look ever as good in 2019 you deserve a cult-like following.  And a following he has.



Ralph has been in the business of design for 50 years.  He has created a fashion empire in addition to a house and home brand that is recognized as high fashion as it is Americana.  I will continue on my professional journey believing in my timeless principals of art and design while being ever grateful to the legend and my inspiration.  Congratulation Mr. Lauren, a half-century of spectacular and relevant design, what a legacy!