Mixing Metals

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Consistency and repetition are the key to making a home flow and feel cohesive.

There is a misconception, however, that finishes must all match.  In fact, we try to avoid matching! Mixing metals is a surefire way to add interest and depth to a space while also adding instant character and authenticity. 


Consider using one metal for all of your plumbing fixtures, then a second metal for hardware. Once you choose your metal for each type of fixture, stick with it throughout the room.  You can even add a third metal for light fixtures – again just find a way to repeat the pattern.

 Lighting is like jewelry - there is no better way to adorn your home. 

In a bathroom, sometimes a mirror can act as a stand-alone piece. When the mirror is a bit quieter, consider this as another metal that should have some cohesion to the other elements in the room.


mirror crop.jpg

Consider which pieces in the room you want to stand out. Sometimes you want it to be an amazing faucet at the sink, sometimes it’s unique and fun hardware, sometimes it’s an amazing light fixture. Once you have that decided, think of the other elements as supporting characters.

When it’s a really interesting mirror, the cabinet hardware should be a metal that blends in with the color of the cabinets so as not to take away from the mirror.  Hardware, plumbing, and passage sets are necessities, yes, but don’t be afraid to have a little fun with some of the more basic pieces of your space. After all, lighting is like jewelry - there is no better way to adorn your home.